Name Adam
Kanji アダム
Romanji Adamu
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Status Dead
Race Human (?)
Affiliation Unknown
Gender Male
Height 190cm (6'2)
Weight 81 Kg (179 lbs)
Blood Type Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Weapon Information
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 13
Adam (アダム, Adamu) was kicked out of Eden and now makes cyborgs in the slums. He was the one who made Turkes Verafoult into a cyborg.

Appearance Edit


Adam his white shoulder length hair for his first few appearances, but he cuts it short in the final battle against Eden. He has purple eyes and wears a white shirt, tie and doctor's jacket. He has two earrings on his left ear.

Personality Edit

Adam is very cold and distant. He says very little.

Background Edit

Adam was kicked out of Eden by Jim and helped with the creation of the mother keepers. This gave him the ability to make Turkes while in the slums.

Relationships Edit

Turkes Verafoult Edit

Adam made Turkes into a cyborg while in the slums. Turkes occasionally visits him in the slums when he has injuries he can't heal himself.

Graham Gregson Edit

Graham and Adam somehow know each other. Graham got Adam a VIP pass to the Cocytus after Graham saved Zelik's life.

Jim Cleeas Edit

Jim and Adam worked together when making the mother keepers but Jim had Adam kicked out of Eden.

Quotes Edit

  • "I think repairing it for you is really a stupid thing..." - When asked by Turkes's to repair his hand, Chapter 13
  • "You're actually interested in others." - About Turkes talking about Ricalna, Chapter 13

Trivia Edit