Name Elsa
Kanji エルザ
Romanji Eruza
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Status Dead
Race Human
Affiliation Unknown
Gender Female
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Blood Type Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Weapon Information
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 25

Elsa (エルザ, Eruza) was a friend of Syal Fineded and they lived together in the slums.

Appearance Edit

Else has long dip dyed hair and is always shown wearing a dress with her hair tied in a pony.

Personality Edit

Elsa is very kind and like a loving parent. She looks after many of the orphans in the slums along with Syal.

Background Edit

Elsa and Syal looked after a group of orphans in the slums, until Syal was sold to Silas as a fighter.

Relationships Edit

Syal Fineded Edit

Syal and Elsa were looking after orphans in the slums. They were very close until Syal was sold by Zelik. They were later reunited in the arena when Allen bought Elsa and planned to have her kill Syal since Syal wouldn't be able to kill someone she loves. When the raid happened, Elsa used herself to shield Syal from the bullets in hopes Syal would live.

Allen Edit

Allen raided the area Elsa was living in with the orphans and kidnapped her to turn into his personal fighter in the arena.

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