Heavens Tower is home to Area Zero which is a key place in the series, notably where Jim creates the keepers; Lint, Syal and Ricalna who all play key parts in the plot.

Appearance Edit

Heavens Tower is a large tower in the city of Eden, it is located within the middle of the city and has a point at the top of the tower. Inside there are several levels, one of which being Area Zero. Others include what looks like to be a mess hall for food which includes shrubs and small trees, tables and a set of escalators.

Key Features Edit

The main key feature within Heaven's Tower is Area Zero which is home to Lint, Syal, Riclana and presuably Jim, it also has medical areas for the cyborgs and waiting areas beside the medical site. It is also home to "Mother" the central CPU of Eden.

Trivia Edit

  • Although within Heaven's Tower, Area Zero is supposed to be massively secret. Outside terror groups like Comsos seem to know where it is located and can get there with ease.