Jim Cleeas
Name Jim Cleeas
Kanji ジムクリーズ
Romanji Jimu Kurīzu
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Status Alive
Race Human (?)
Affiliation Heaven's Tower Area:00
Gender Female
Height 169cm (5'5)
Weight 57 Kg (126 lbs)
Blood Type Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Weapon Information
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Seiyū Jun Karasawa

Jim Cleeas (ジムクリーズ, Jimu Kurīzu) is the creator of the mother keepers and works in Heaven's Tower to maintain them.

Appearance Edit


Jim has dull purple hair, at the start of the manga is was very long but she cuts it off. She has blue eyes and a beauty mark on her chin. Jim wears an extremely short black dress that unzips at the front with a lab coat over it.

Personality Edit

Jim tends to come off as cold, harsh and sometimes out right violent. She doesn't care for people being ungrateful or trying to put her down and never backs down. She tends to be kinder towards Syal and reassures her.

Background Edit

Relationships Edit

Syal Fineded Edit

Jim rescued Syal on a whim when she found her dying of a stab wound and begging for someone to save Elsa. Jim misunderstood and saved Syal instead, turning her into a mother keeper. Syal got angry at her for it upon initially waking up but calmed down after Jim shouted at her and made her realise Elsa wanted her to live. Jim is nicer to Syal than most people, letting her wander around in the slums rather than making her stay in Heaven's Tower and reassuring her she didn't need to be sorry for accidentally stabbing her.

Lint Kaiser Edit

Jim turned Lint into a mother keeper after he was given the death sentence and now has him working as security for Heaven's Tower.

Ricalna Forde Edit

Jim turned Ricalna into a mother keeper after he was shot by Syal. She doesn't care for him arguing with her but appreciates him helping out Syal.

Adam Edit

Jim kicked Adam from Heaven's Tower.

Hugh Reid Edit

Hugh Reid shows an extreme dislike of Jim and the entirety of Area:00. Jim hates him and uses him as an ash tray at one point.

Quotes Edit

  • "I TELL YOU TO REPORT ON YOUR CONDITION" - Said while grasping the top of Ricalna's head.
  • "If you call an ambulance...I WILL KILL YOU" - Said after being stabbed by Syal in Area Zero.
  • "You're late, fuck!!"- Yelling at Ricalna at the start of the final fight, Chapter 42

Trivia Edit

  • Jim used to be close partners with Adam until she kicked him out of Eden.
  • In the series she has been seen using Hugh Reid as an ash tray.