Lennard Forde
Name Lennard Forde
Kanji レナード フォルドー
Romanji Renādo Forudō
Also Known As Renna (Ricalna Only)
Age Unknown (Estimated 20-22)
Birthday May 13
Status Alive
Race Human
Affiliation COSMOS Special Elite Force
Gender Female
Height 165 cm (5'5)
Weight 51 kg (112 lbs)
Blood Type O
Relatives Ricalna Forde (Brother)
Weapon Information
Arms Desert Eagle
Length 269mm
Weight 2053g
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Seiyū Satsuki Yukino

Lennard Forde (レナード フォルドー, Renādo Forudō) is a member of the COSMOS Special Elite Force and Ricalna Forde's younger sister.

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Child Edit


Lennard as a child

As a child, Lennard was very small. She had long black hair with the top layer tied in two bunches, and red eyes. She wore a white and black dress with black boots and a plain black bracelet on each wrist.


Adult Lennard

Adult Edit

After Ricalna's supposed death, Lennard cut her hair short. She is seen in multiple outfits, one being a pale yellow or white vest top and a pair of dull green jeans with the left leg ripped off held up by a belt. She sometimes wears a fingerless glove on her left hand. During the main attack on Eden, she is wearing an armoured vest and shorts along with elbow pads, knee pads, gloves and boots

Personality Edit

Lennard is extremely talented as a fighter and supposedly one of COSMOS's best. She is stubborn and isn't interested in working with the rest of COSMOS, Graham mentions her letting her squad dying without caring at all about her actions. She is extremely angry about Ricalna's death, causing her to hate Eden and argue with Graham.

Background Edit

As a young child, Lennard was abandoned by her parents along with Ricalna. They were taken in by Graham and Ricalna looked after her until he was turned into a Mother Keeper. She was told he had died along with the rest of the squad and it gave her a reason to join COSMOS when she was allowed.

Relationships Edit

Ricalna Forde Edit

Ricalna is Lennard's older brother and they were very close as children. When he didn't return from a mission, he was presumed dead and Lennard grew angry at Eden for killing her only family. When Ricalna woke up as a mother keeper, Lennard was leading a group through Heaven's Tower and failed to recognise Ricalna, resulting in her shooting him. She remains unaware that Ricalna is alive and continues to fight Eden to get revenge.

Graham Gregson Edit

Graham took Lennard and Ricalna in when they were abandoned as children. Following Ricalna's supposed death, Lennard joined COSMOS, the rebellion group Graham runs. Graham and Lennard don't get along as well, though Graham refuses to force her to leave COSMOS if she doesn't want to, though he tells her that if she isn't wanting to work with them she's welcome to leave. Graham is aware Lennard is only part of COSMOS because she wants revenge and feels she needs to calm down and be more level headed, so that she'll be able to move on from her brother's death. Lennard blames Graham for Ricalna's death as he died fight along with COSMOS and doubts Graham's true intentions but continues working with him for her own personal gain.

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