Name Mother
Kanji マザー
Romanji Mazā
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Status Alive
Race Android
Affiliation Eden
Gender Unknown
Height 190cm (6'2)
Weight Unknown
Blood Type X
Relatives Unknown
Weapon Information
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1

Mother (マザー, Mazā) is an android used to disguise Eden's main computer. She is mute and is protected by the mother keepers.

Appearance Edit


Mother's hair is long in length, lying just beyond her chest and is silver in colour. She has purple eyes and is always seen carrying a small teddy which is white in colour and has bead eyes and a stitched mouth. She is always seen wearing a dress which is black in colour with puffed shoulders and goes down roughly to her knees.

Personality Edit

Mother is quiet as she is a CPU, she comes across as child like because she doesn't speak and is nearly always seen carrying her teddy .

 Background Edit

Mother is the central CPU of Eden and also doubles as the key to the "Golden age" weapons that are in the world.

 Relationships Edit

Jim Cleeas Edit

Jim is the person who Maintenance's Mother through out the series. 

Trivia Edit

  • Rarely is Mother seen without her rabbit teddy.