The Slums is a location which is located outside of Eden. It is home to most factions opposing Eden in the series such as Chaos Tide and Cosmos.


The Slums appears as a ruined part of Earth that was caught in the fire that engulfed the whole planet, it has many abandoned buildings and ruins, some of which are home to the factions COSMOS, Chaos Tide, and is also home to Adam post to him being kicked out of Eden, as well as where the Cocytus is located..

Key Features. Edit

The Slums is most notably home to the faction COSMOS which plays a large part in the series of mother keeper, it's leader being Graham Gregson and Ricalna Forde being a ex-member of cosmos.

The Slums is also home to Chaos Tide, a smaller faction within the series which is lead by Turkes Verafoult and makes terrorist attacks on COSMOS as well as Eden. COSMOS and Chaos Tide later make a deal to work together for the final better.

Trivia Edit

  • Hugh Reid is known to have burned children in The Slums at one point.