Turkes Verafoult
Name Turkes Verafoult
Kanji トルキス ベラフォルト
Romanji Torukisu Beraforuto
Age 46
Birthday February 5
Status Dead
Race Cyborg Combat Valuing Type
Affiliation Chaos Tide
Gender Male
Height 182.8 cm (6'0)
Weight 231 Kg (509 lbs)
Blood Type B
Relatives Unknown
Weapon Information
Arms Large Hatchet
Length 1600mm
Weight 1730g
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 8

Turkes Verafoult (トルキス ベラフォルト, Torukisu Beraforuto) is the leader of Chaos Tide, one of the rebellion groups in the slums known for attacking other groups as well as Eden.

Appearance Edit


Turkes has short turquoise/green hair and bright blue eyes. Through out the series he has multiple outfits. During his first appearance, he wore a long ocean camouflage jacket with a strap round his chest with no shirt underneath. He concealed knives within this jacket. His arms and legs are bandaged during his first appearance. He later appears in a sleeveless jacket with a long sleeved shirt underneath and boots. During the fight against Eden, he wears the same uniform as the rest of the rebels. Turkes has 6 piercings on each ear.

Personality Edit

Loud, gay, ready to fight.

Relationships Edit

Ricalna Forde Edit

Turkes and Ricalna met during one of Chaos Tide's attacks on Eden, when Ricalna got in a fight with Turkes over Turkes killing some small children he'd been talking to. Part way through the fight, Turkes realised that Ricalna was a cyborg and recognised him from when news had gone round of his death. Turkes took an interest in Ricalna and was interested in recruiting him for Chaos Tide, but Ricalna refused. When they aren't fighting, Ricalna doesn't seem to mind Turkes as much, and Turkes is willing to give him any information from the slums so that he knows what is happening. Despite this, when they fight, Ricalna is willing to kill Turkes.

Adam Edit

Adam was the one who made Turkes into a cyborg and handles repairs that Turkes can't do himself. Adam doesn't take to well to Turkes injuring himself and seems to avoid talking about himself to Turkes.

Quotes Edit

  • "Look at you, you're hard like a rock," -During a fight with Ricalna, Chapter 10
  • "My shots are so cool." -Chapter 10

Trivia Edit

  • Turkes looks somewhat similar to Allen
  • Turkes and Allen say the same lines at different points in the manga
  • Turkes and Graham share a birthday
  • Turkes name is similar to the German word "Türkis", meaning turquoise
  • Turkes and Zelik are the only two characters with confirmed ages